Sangha Studio Work Exchange Application
This application has various sections, please allow 10 minutes or so to thoroughly read and complete it. :) Thank you!!
About our program
In our Work Exchange Program we ask that you commit to one role/task/job for at least four months, lining up with one of our Schedule Cycles (Aug-Nov, Dec-Mar, Apr-Jul). All work exchange positions are compensated per hour worked with one $10 voucher to Sangha Studio. Once earned, these vouchers can be applied toward most things at the studio, including drop-in classes, a full Sustaining Membership, workshops, and credit toward trainings, retail, etc.

Most of our work exchange positions require a 1.5-2 hour weekly commitment (same schedule week-to-week). Every weekly position provides at least enough hours to earn a $60 unlimited Sustaining Membership at the studio if desired, and often more. We also have a limited number of monthly and quarterly volunteer positions available. Monthly shifts usually require 2-3 hours at a time, and quarterly shifts require 3-6 hours.

All work exchange shifts are compensated at the end of each month - meaning you will earn vouchers for work completed during the month, then have them to use toward the next month. For example, If you began volunteering for our August 1st cycle, you would be compensated on or around August 31st and your hours/earnings would be available to use at the studio starting September 1st.

Know that if you choose to become a volunteer, you are taking on more responsibility in the space. This means that even when you aren’t volunteering, we will hold you to a higher code of conduct than other students and people in the space - including keeping things tidy (props, dishes), stepping in to help if you’re taking a busy class that could use an extra set of hands, etc. Please carefully consider if you would like to take on this new role. If so, yay! Continue on below. :)
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