AmeriCorps Readiness Self-Assessment
This assessment is intended as a general guide to help organizations assess their capacity to operate a high quality AmeriCorps State program. For those who will be applying for a Planning Grant (rather than a Program Grant) please keep in mind that (if successfully funded) a Planning Grant year may be used to work through weaknesses identified in this assessment.

Volunteer NH will consider the responses to this assessment when making funding decisions. Successful completion of the assessment does not guarantee funding.

The questionnaire asks the reader to score the organization on elements necessary to run a quality and federally compliant program, by selecting the answer that best describes the organization’s current status or performance.

After you submit your assessment, you will receive a score based on your answers. The scoring will be as follows:

--20-24 points: Based on your self-assessment, the organization may have the capacity to successfully operate an AmeriCorps State program.

--14-19 points: Based on your self-assessment, the organization may need to make a few improvements in your capacity and planning to succeed.

-- 0-13 points: Based on your self-assessment, the organization may have a significant need to build its capacity. Applying for AmeriCorps*State or other competitive funds may not be a suitable option for you at this time.

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