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dear pals of hadassah damien luxe - let me know here if you're interested in volunteering to participate, perform, play a role, or otherwise help create and generate the creative and generative joy at my ~~retrospective 40th birthday party, in Brooklyn NY on June 21/June 22 2019~~.

There are three areas I'm seeking help with, two are creative -- actors/clue-givers, and performers -- and one is operational. There will be a stage manager, we will be in a low-key one-floor gallery and backyard with no stairs but there are 1-2 steps throughout the space.

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Retro-speculative - Fri June 21
This is going to be an open-to-the public, but NOT widely advertised game/experiential event/larp based in a near-future sci-fi book I've been writing for awhile. You'll get a secret or clue to share with participants in the game, story context, and you can design your character and outfit around it.

The commitment looks like: reading 1 prep email, putting your look together, and being available from about 6-10pm on Fri June 21.

Do you want to get a character in the sci-fi play/larp?
Retro-spectacular - Saturday June 22
This is going to be a gallery opening / performance event open to all my friends & community far and wide but not exactly "the public". As a lifelong performer I'd love to gather and share queer live art.

The piece you present can be one of your own design, or you can elect to re-perform one of my pieces (I'll give out a catalog if so).

The commitment looks like: performing a piece from 1-10 minutes in length, inside or installed outside, sometime between 7-10pm on Saturday June 22.

Do you want to perform something live
I just love to help
And I just love YOU. Help I'll need includes: install / de-install, general hangout to help keep the space accessible and safer, light cleaning/stuff management
Hit me up to help!
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