Annual Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures Evaluation (EQA-20)
The form provides for an annual evaluation of Langley Flying School's Resolution and Grade Appeal Policies and Procedures to ensure Langley Flying School practices conform with the School's Policies and Practices..

Name of person conducting evaluation:
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Date of Evaluation:
Policy and Procedures Evaluation
This section documents your evaluation as to the fairness and effectiveness of the student Suspension and Dismissal Policy. Please evaluate the following statements:
The Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures are fair, reasonable, and effective.
The policy is supported by a procedure that conforms with the policy.
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Examination the application of Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures
This section evaluations any instances of application of the Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures that have occurred in the preceding 12 months.

Determine from the Chief Flying Instructor if there have been any cases.

In the case there have been no incidents in the preceding 12 months, indicate this below.

In the event that there have been cases, review the material contained on the student file and answer the question below.

Have there been instances of student Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal in the preceding 12 months?
If there have been no instances, the questions below are not applicable and you can proceed to the bottom to submit the form.
There is written evidence that the person in dispute or appeal was given direction to resolve the issues informally.
There is evidence that the person in dispute or appeal submitted the issues of complaint in writing.
There is evidence that within 72 hours from the time that the original written complaint was submitted, the CFI will meet with parties involved in the case.
There is evidence that within 24 hours of this meeting, the CFI provided a written decision to the disputants or grade appellant.
In the case of an appeal of the CFI's decision, is there written evidence in within 48 hours of receiving a written request for mediation, the CFI appointed a Designated Flight Examiner or a Civil Aviation Inspector as mediator.
Is there written evidence that the cost of mediation was equally shared by LFS and the disputant?
Your answer
Unsatisfactory Findings
An unsatisfactory finding occurs when "DISAGREE" is answered to any of the above questions. If this is the case, and for each instance, complete the LFS Non-Conformance or Unsatisfactory Finding Report, available on the school's website on the Education Quality Assurance page, link from the Staff web page, or at the following link:

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