Hybrid 2018 Interest Survey
Hybrid is a mixed club team that formed in 2017 founded on principles of gender equity. We work hard to create an environment where competitive players enjoy playing mixed while still doing other things during the summer.

We haven't set a schedule yet and we want it to be based on when people are available. Our schedule will be limited to practices and tournaments on weekends, so we are interested in collecting availability for weekend events.

If competitive mixed sounds like a fun way to spend your summer, we'd love to get your information and availability so that we can send you details about tryouts!

Please fill out the form by March 28!

Bailey and Ben

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Name *
Currently USA Ultimate Mixed Club rules adhere to a binary gender construct; while acknowledging the imperfection of this construct, as a team we are wondering with which gender you identify. *
What's your preferred role on the field? *
Describe your playing experience; be sure to include any mixed ultimate!
How does playing for Hybrid fit into your plans for club ultimate in the summer? (if no option sounds right for you, pick the one that's closest to what you're currently thinking) *
Could you attend Hybrid tryouts / practice on April 21 and 22? *
Could you attend Hybrid tryouts / practice on May 5 & 6? *
Could you attend Hybrid tryouts / practice on May 12 & 13? *
Could you attend Hybrid tryouts / practice on May 19 & 20? *
Could you attend Hybrid tryouts / practice on June 2 and 3? *
Could you attend Down with the Clown in South Bend, IN on June 23 & 24?
Could you attend Motown Throwdown in Sylvania, OH on July 7 & 8?
Could you attend Layout for Summer in Westfield, IN on July 21 & 22?
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
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