Leprecon Bring-and-Buy Registration
Leprecon is hosting a Bring-and-Buy! What is a Bring and Buy you ask?

You bring your unwanted RPG books, board games, or other gaming or geek accessories, and leave them in with us. You assign a price to your items, and we sell them for you at the Bring-and-Buy trading table at the convention! It's a fantastic way to de-clutter, and to pick up new games

Leprecon takes a commission of 10% on all items sold, with the rest going right to you! If nothing gets sold, you don't get charged. This is a statement of interest, and we will contact you with full registration details in the runup to the con to confirm what items you will be bringing. We reserve the right to refuse goods for sale.

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What would you like to sell at the Bring-and-Buy? *
Give what it is and a short description (Is it a book, a game, an accessory, a model, what edition)
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Make sure to be realistic with your pricing- You won't get retail prices for your preowned items. Leprecon staff will not haggle on the bring and buy table. If you have more items to list, just answer the question below. You can change the price after this, so don't worry if you change your mind. Leprecon will take 10% commission on all items sold.
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