RCT Technology Waiting List
Please complete the following form if you'd like to apply for a desk top computer or laptop when we open up our next round of applications. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letsgettogether.ca or call 416-302-8349.
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Are you applying on behalf of yourself, a family member, a friend or a client? (Check all that apply if purchasing more than one computer) *
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Please let us know what you plan on purchasing. NOTE: each household may purchase up to 2 computers per fiscal year *
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Are you a resident of Ontario and can you provide a photocopy of your ID upon request? *
Is your total family income at or below the Low Income Level as set by the government? Please check the following link for the levels. http://letsgettogether.ca/access-to-affordable-renewed-technology/ *
Do you have a story to share on why the computer is important and how it will make a difference to you, your family, your friend or your organization?
Would you be interested in joining our computer sponsorship program? To join, we would share your story to help find a potential donor. No names will be mentioned.
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