Indication of Interest for MeduCollab Mentorship
MeduCollab is a mentorship forum that pairs student authors with Meducator staff to create high-quality publications, artworks, and videos relevant to the health sciences. With skills development and knowledge exchange as the primary goals, students will learn about the scientific publication process through a combination of workshops and practical experience.

If you have a great idea to bring to life or just want to collaborate, please fill out this form. We encourage any and all interested students to work with us!

Applicants should be open-minded, enthusiastic, and willing to make a time commitment of tentatively 1 hour per week.

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What do you hope to gain from the opportunity to work with MeduCollab? Are there any specific skills you'd like to learn? *
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Please email a sample of your work to Depending on your interests, this may be a written piece, artwork, and/or video. Once you have done this, check the box below. *
This sample will just give us an idea of your style, technique, and existing ability. No pressure!
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