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Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in my Dark Romance book. I am truly grateful.

If you want to know more about me, here is a little biography that will help you fulfill some of your curiosities.

 Alysha J. Black - Biography

Born, raised, and still living in Italy, Alysha J. Black has an ever vivid imagination, artistic and extremely creative mind, and an immense love for writing.

Driven by a dream that transformed her simple life into a tormented existence, she decided to write her first book, not even imagining that years later, this book would be translated and published internationally.

Alysha is a dark romance author, but most of all she is a reader. She is an artist, a cat lover, video gamer, and metal head.
A stubborn Capricorn with a twisted mind, she has dark sense of humor that is strongly present in each and every piece of her writing.

Alysha J. Black has published three dark romance novels in Italy, which have already corrupted readers with fear, shock, obscure desires, and curiosity.


I’m really excited for being able to share with you my first international publication. In the next paragraph I’ll give you more info about The Ghost in Me - Chain my Soul novel.

Title: The Ghost in Me - Chain my Soul
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Alysha J. Black
First Book of The Ghost in Me Series
Publication date: December 7, 2022
Pages: 308
Available formats: Ebook, paperback, KU.


My life was perfect... I came from a good, solid family and my future was bright. I was pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. My life was full of purpose and I was happy.

I thought I would spend my 26th birthday with my two best friends: Jasmine, who was always pushing me to find a boyfriend, and Natalie, who took my side, saying that I would know it when I met the right guy... but that's not at all how things went.

On April 12, 2067 my life changed forever. Everything that once mattered was suddenly crushed, tossed aside and buried under my new obsession.
He showed up... and then everyone died.

Now I live in a world where rules no longer exist, where anything could happen.
I became his and I did it of my own free will, despite the strange and horrible world he belongs to.
I like to think that I had a choice, but the truth is I really didn't.
My name is Amara and this is my story.



I belong to him. Whatever becomes of me has already been written. He is the author of my fate.

- Amara



This novel contains high emotional impact situations, as well as violent, explicit, and sometimes macabre scenes. There are instances of physical and psychological abuse, torture, and murder.

It is not suitable for people who may be sensitive to these topics.

Recommended for adult and aware readers only.



  • MF
  • Dominant Alpha Male
  • Touch her and I’ll k1ll you
  • K1nky
  • Tw1st3d
  • N0n-consensual and f0rc3d s3x
  • Post-apocalyptic

If you want to read the first chapter of The Ghost in Me - Chain my Soul, please follow this link, it will redirect you to my website and to the free chapter.


Now let’s talk about the form:

This form is to sign up for the ARC team of The Ghost in Me - Chain my Soul, the first one of the Series. If you are interested, there are a few things to make note of before you continue:

  • As ARC readers you will receive the book before the publication date.
  • I give from four to six weeks for the book to be read. The review can be posted from the week before the book publication, to two weeks later the publication date. Of course, I understand that life happens to us all, so if it looks like you won’t be able to make this deadline, please just let me know and we’ll decide together another deadline more suitable for you.
  • My book contains explicit sex, a lot of violence and traumatic events, but it is not a paranormal book, don’t be fooled by the title. It’s a Dark Romance.
  • This form will only sign you up for this specific novel, but I’ll gladly inform you about future releases if you decide to be part of my ARC team.
  • ARC copies will be sent to your kindle account, so I will need your kindle e-mail.
  • If for any reason your review rating drops below 3 stars, please contact me prior to posting and wait at least one week later the publication date to share your review.
  • If you receive an ARC but don’t leave a review, you will not be allowed to join for subsequent books.
  • Preference will be given to ARC readers who will review the novel on Amazon too.
I will close this signup in November 9, 2022 and the selected readers will receive the ARC copy a few days later.
The novel release is on December 7, 2022 so, as explained above, you can post your reviews from: November 30 to December 21.

You will receive answers and info from this email account: (please, add it to your safe accounts list).

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If you have any questions or concerns, write them down here or please email me at: or contact me on my Instagram account: @alyshajblack_author

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