Dying homeless: counting the deaths on UK streets
The number of people who are living homeless has skyrocketed in the UK, meanwhile spending on support services has been cut. Occasionally we hear tragic stories about people who have died while sleeping rough, but nobody collects data on how and when this happens.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is trying to collect together the stories of those to have died while living on the streets, since winter 2017. We hope to tell their stories, mark their lives and uncover lessons that could be learnt to prevent more deaths in the future.

We need your help- if you are aware of someone who has died while homeless, since start of October 2017, then please take a minute to fill in the form below. The responses will be private and we will work to verify the details before uploading details to our public database. Thank you.

You can see how we are presenting this work here: https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2018-04-23/dying-homeless

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If you have further insights on homelessness deaths or cuts/pressures to homelessness services then please do get in touch.
Email bureaulocal@tbij.com with "Homelessness" in the subject line.
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