Enthusiastic-Clay Meeting Preparation
Please read all these notes to ensure you, nor I, are let down from unclear expectations. This is an attempt to clearly communicate intentions of this process.

I take this very seriously, helping people grow and change their life's trajectory is something I'm very proud of. This application should take at least 20, if not 30 minutes. If you can't commit to a half hour to an hour of your time, then don't proceed.

This application is to enroll for a One On One conversation with Clay, not another beginner coach.

This process, these questions, and you focusing upon them for 20 minutes is a very powerful tool in itself!

Relax into this process. To gain the full benefit of this process, you should be open, relaxed, and honest both with yourself and with me.

First we will gather some personal information, then we will get into the questions that can make a difference for you today!

Enjoy this process, I look forward to speaking with you, and helping you as much as possible in our first meeting as we get to know each other.

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