Spicemas/Grenada Carnival 2018 Soca Quiz
by Msy.Chrissy
BeachBum on Carnival Sunday
TV/Radio Personality
Marketing & Communications Consultant
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Which country did the Jab get lost in? *
What's the first few words in Lil Natty and Thunda's Get in your Section? *
Match the corresponding lyrics of each song *
And I like it
Dey bat ah fly
Is who for you
She show the jab the butterfly
Is you for who and
Ah thief a wine
Who sang Trouble in the Morning? *
Select the answer with songs only sung by Dash *
Identify the song with these lyrics: "Go down x4, Back up x4, Go down x4, Stick it x3" *
When should we meet Lil Natty & Thunda on the road? *
If you wouldn't do something for your woman who will do it? *
Where should "Jab Jab" be written? *
Dey living on we name like... *
Where is Boyzie? *
Since the girl only wants Wi-Fi, what doesn't she want? *
What will happen if you hamburg the Jab? *
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