2018-19 Girls' Development Academy Application
This application is for the U.S. Soccer Girls' Development Academy membership for the 2018-19 season. Applications for the Girls' Development Academy inaugural 2017-18 season are now closed.
SECTION I: Application Procedure
Please complete the application in its entirety by Sunday, December 3rd no later than 11:59PM PST. It is recommended that applicants review the PDF version of the club application provided on www.ussoccerda.com prior to starting and submitting an application.


- Section I: Application Procedure
- Section II: Club Information
- Section III: Resources
- Section IV: Facilities
- Section V: Staffing and Leadership
- Section VI: Player Development History
- Section VII: Academy Requirements

In order to complete this online application, please send any supporting documents, including the following, to girlsacademy@ussoccer.org, with the subject line: "(Club Name) Application Supplemental Document".

1. Club Philosophy (vision, and philosophy on individual and team development)
2. Annual Training Plan (This includes a detailed plan for activity, training and games)
3. Club Budget for the Academy programs (This includes all revenue and expenses to operate Academy age groups)
4. Annual Training Plan
5. Additional Player Production (YNT/USWNT players, foreign and/or domestic professional players) if applicable
6. Additional Staff Listing if applicable

It is important to review Section VII (Academy Requirements) of this Application to ensure that your club is able and committed to adhere to all of the Academy requirements. Your club can preemptively review this information via the PDF version of the club application.


- October 11, 2017 - Application Opens
- December 3, 2017 - Last Day to Submit Applications
- January 30, 2018 - Application Decisions Announced
- February 12, 2018 - New Clubs Confirm Participation
- September 1, 2018 - Start of 2018-19 Season

U.S. Soccer's Technical Advisors and staff will evaluate the applications using the following Key Performance Categories:

- Leadership of the club
- Desire to embrace and promote the core values of the program
- U.S. Soccer license levels of coaching staff
- Infrastructure of the club and the resources currently being invested in development (facilities, scholarships, staff to player ratio, etc.)
- History of player production for U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams, USWNT, and professional leagues
- Market with player depth, geographic location, proximity to other elite clubs and travel implications

Upon acceptance to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Program, you will receive an email with detailed Rules and Regulations as well as a Membership Agreement Form. The club must return the Membership Agreement Form and Performance Bond by February 12, 2018 to confirm its membership in the Academy Program.

U.S. Soccer will retain membership applications for future consideration. Clubs that previously applied should submit a new application as well as any updated documents and additional materials regarding the club and player pool each year.

If you have any questions, please email the Development Academy at girlsacademy@ussoccer.org, with the subject line: "(Club Name) Development Academy Application".

Is your club currently a member of the U.S. Soccer Boys' Development Academy? *
FOR NEW CLUBS: please confirm your club is applying for all Girls' Academy age groups. *
*The Girls’ Development Academy is currently in the first year of the program. Academy Leadership is in the stage of observation and analysis about any potential age groups for expansion, e.g. U-13, U-16 single age, etc. If the Academy were to expand, all clubs that complete this application would also be considered for additional potential age groups and would receive communication prior to confirming participation. Note: Existing Academy Clubs do not need to apply for any potential expansion, they will automatically be considered for any additional age group expansion.
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