The Climakers - Farmers' Case Study
How climate change affects agriculture in your Country? Which are the best practices you are implementing to adapt to it and/or mitigate its effects?
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1. Name of the Farmers' Organisation(s), farm(s) or individual farmer(s) that are associated with this best practice, and time involved in agricultural production *
2. Please indicate the effects and impacts of climate change in your community/Country (200 words maximum) *
3. Please describe the best practice implemented to adapt to and/or mitigate the above mentioned climate change effects and impacts (500 words maximum) *
3.1 Please mention other complementary practices that could strengthen or increase the benefits of the main practice if are implemented together (200 words maximum) *
4. Please highlight the results of the best practice described above (item 3) in terms of agricultural yield, social, economic and environmental benefits. Please state how many people have benefited from the implementation of this practice (200 words maximum) *
5. How does your efforts to fight climate change contribute to the wider challenge of promoting more sustainable food systems? (i.e. enhancing food security, restoring/preserving biodiversity, ensuring healthy diets, improving resilience and the livelihoods of communities...) (200 words maximum) *
6. How does COVID-19 affect your capacity and/or the one of the farmers in your Country to fight climate change? (200 words maximum) *
6.1  Which actions did you put in place to mitigate those effects? (200 words maximum) *
If you could share at least 3 pictures illustrating in the best possible way what you have undertaken to cope with climate change, it would be greater!
Please, send the pictures via email at with "Name and Surname" in the subject.
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