PBH's Free Fringe Application 2017
A form for you to record and send us your application for performing at PBH's Free Fringe, Edinburgh, August 2017. Please ensure that you have read the Ethos, terms, and conditions, here: http://freefringe.org.uk/ethosconditions/
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Provisional Show Title
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Contact Name (primary contact)
This is your name, not your email address or phone number
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Email Address (primary contact)
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Have you read the Free Fringe Ethos and Conditions, and do you agree to be bound by the conditions?
What is the principal genre of your show?
Please provide the best-fit genre category for your show. Please note that music shows should apply directly to the Music Artistic Director (mistermeredith@hotmail.co.uk)
Position of run
Length of run
Telephone number (primary contact)
Please ensure you enter a space (e.g. 07904 488009)
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Description of show
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How long is each performance
Age range for which the show is suitable
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Have you played the Free Fringe before?
This refers to when you have actively taken part in bringing a show to the Free Fringe rather than open mic, one-off featured guest, etc. in someone else's show
Would you like your previous slot with us?
Please note we CANNOT guarantee this - subject to availability.
If "Yes" above, please provide details
Please provide previous year, show number, venue, and time-slot (e.g. 2016, 123, Bannermans, 14:00)
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How do we know your show will be good?
Remember: apply as one professional to another, avoiding pitches and hard sell.
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Please provide here, if applicable, a SINGLE, valid link to footage - e.g. YouTube video or playlist, Soundcloud track or playlist that showcases your work. (optional)
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What times can you NOT do?
Please indicate time ranges you CANNOT do due to work or childcare commitments, travel, health reasons, or other unavoidable elements.
Other Skills
What skills (apart from performing) are you willing to bring to the organisation this year?
To which other Fringe organisations (if any) are you applying for Edinburgh Fringe 2017?
Which other Fringe organisations (if any) are you applying for with this or any other show? (Please remember that you should not be applying to any organisation describing itself as free while charging performers, e.g. Laughing Horse, Bob Slayers Heroes of the Fringe, Gilded Balloon (nominally free model), Just The Tonic (nominally free model) or Freestival, while applying to perform with us.) Please leave blank if not applicable.
Secondary Contact Name
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Secondary Contact Email
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Secondary Contact Phone Number
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Any further information
Please supply any further notes here that do not fit the earlier questions
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