Pitches and Pints Application 2019

Thanks for applying to Pitches and Pints. We are looking for anyone with a brand new idea or new startup that they just launched. This event is about sharing a concept and new business idea. We only have a few qualifications:


1) You are in the concept, validation, idea, beta, or just launched your business
(a newly established business that have revenues under $2,000/mo are also welcome to apply)

2) A tech component to your business is preferred. This can be a website, app, or some behind the scenes technology this is a significant portion of your business. Unsure? Apply and we can discuss!

3) YOU MUST ATTEND A PRE-PITCH WORKSHOP. We want YOU to have the best chance at success so we have organized two workshops to gain feedback prior to the event. You MUST attend at least 1 of these events or you will not be invited to pitch.

4) YOU MUST be willing to sign our media release form. This allows us to post and pictures or videos of the event for promotional purposes. Do not apply if you don't want your picture taken! :)

4) If you are unsure please contact us at info@startuptri.com or simply Apply. Will will contact you with questions if needed.


A board will be reviewing each of the applications and selecting the best companies to pitch their ideas. We simply do not have time for everyone to pitch however we will have a waiting list and you will have an early invite to pitch at our next event. We are also working on programs for all of our applicants to encourage you to validate, launch, and grow your ideas beyond this event. We will notify you at least 3 weeks before the event if not sooner.


No one is going to sign an NDA and we are going to help promote your ideas. Early entrepreneurs may be afraid to share their ideas and pitch their new products due to the fear of the ideas 'getting out'. We strongly encourage you to read this article and reconsider: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickhull/2013/06/13/talk-about-your-idea-it-wont-get-stolen/ You are only as strong as your support network and an idea is easy. Building it into a successful business is the hard part.

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