Register to Shut the Sash!
The Office for Sustainability's Green Labs Program is conducting UVA's first Shut the Sash competition from October 1st to October 31st, 2017. This friendly competition promotes safe, smart, and sustainable* practices when using a fume hood.

Who can participate?
All UVA labs are encouraged to register and fill out a Shut the Sash Competition form, but only two winners will be selected from the following groups:
1. School of Medicine Shut the Sash Award will go to the participating MR5 or Pinn Hall lab with the most earned points.
2. College of Arts and Sciences Shut the Sash Award will go to the participating PLSB (Physical and Life Sciences Building) or Chemistry Building lab with the most earned points.

What are the prizes?
The two winning labs will enjoy free cupcakes from Sweethaus, newly minted UVA Green Labs beaker mugs, and will be featured on the UVA Sustainability website. One Honorable Mention award will be presented to a lab from any building or department for the best fume hood "before" and "after" photo submission showing the most improvement; their efforts will be highlighted on the UVA Sustainability website alongside the other competition winners.

Here's how to win:
1. Fill out and submit this registration form by Friday, September 29th.
2. On Sunday, October 1st at 8am, registrants will receive an email with a link to the "Shut the Sash Competition Form".
3. In addition to the online form, labs will receive a "Shut the Sash" arrow sticker with application instructions. The sticker will be delivered directly to labs in a manila envelope via UVA interoffice mail.
4. Registered labs have until Tuesday, October 31st (5pm) to complete as many actions on the checklist as possible. None of the actions are required to submit your form, but each action is worth 1pt-- the more actions you complete, the more likely you are to WIN!
5. Winners will be announced Friday, Nov. 17th.

Questions? Email

*Realized energy savings from shutting the sash will vary from lab to lab. Want to know more about energy savings specific to your space? Contact .

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