Not So Quiet Day
Saturday, March 17, 2018
St. Andrew's Church
1231 E. Chapman Ave, Fullerton

We look forward to seeing you and your girls!! Each girl needs to have a permission form and a photography waiver on file. Links to access these forms are provided below.

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How people in your party (including you) are coming.
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I will have a photo waiver to GFS-LA for each child I am bringing. *
The waiver can be downloaded from Note the 2017-2018 year photo waiver must be provided it to the leader to have on file for the year.
I will carry a permission slip for every child I am supervising who is attending this event without their parent/legal guardian. *
The permission form can be downloaded from . A permission form for this event must be completed by the guardian and given to the driver for the outing.
Do any other members of your group have food allergies or medical problems that we should know about? *
Please list next to the girls' name, e.g. Sara Lawson-allergic to peanuts.
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Please bring a plant-based casserole, salad or dessert to share at our potluck. What are you planning to bring?
It is o.k. to change your mind about specifics; we would just like to have some idea of how to plan.
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We will be constructing sharing gardens for each girl to take home. Please bring small cans, jars, or plastic containers to re-purpose.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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