Sudbury Learning Community Questionnaire
As we grow our school and body of supporters, search for permanent Sudbury school locations for Alachua and/or Gainesville, and hire staff, please help us by letting us know some things about yourselves.
Learn more about us here:
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You may be filling out this questionnaire as a parent/guardian and/or as someone interested in helping or working for the school.
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How can you help the Sudbury Learning Community?
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Please give details of the skills, personal interests, and/or resources of your family that may be useful to our school and our students?
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Names and Birth Date (MM/YY) of Children (you may also include future students younger than 4)
Please include phone numbers and email addresses of children (teens?) who would like to be contacted and help individually as well.
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Do you have kids that might attend this school? Please tell us about your family and your preferences for the Sudbury Learning Community/School.
Indicate your level of interest in the L.A.U.G.H.E.D. Inc. Sudbury Learning Community in Alachua, FL
Starting Sept. 2015, for registered homescoolers, M-F 9 am - 2 pm. Tuition rate Yet to be determined, but we hope to make it very affordable to all interested.
I can help the school by...
At times, the word "school" may be used as an identifier for the young people who utilize the learning center. However, this Sudbury Learning Community is not a traditional school, but rather a community of interest directed learners.
How many of your children may attend the Sudbury Learning Community in the 2015-2016 school year
How many of your children may attend the potential Sudbury School in the 2016-2017 school year
Does your family have a preference on the kind of physical plant you want for the school?
As we look at locations, we would like to know where you would like a Sudbury School to be located.
What would be ideal school hours for your family?
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Given your current financial situation, what annual tuition rates per child are affordable to your family?
We will offer sibling discounts
Are you in need of after care or early drop off?
The aftercare may include children from other schools and is not based on the Sudbury model.
The school will be functioning out of Alachua this year, are you interested in car pooling?
The Sudbury Model of Education
The Sudbury model is not like a traditional school. It is very important that both parents and students learn and understand what it is all about and what is expected of everyone.
Do you have any questions regarding the philosophy of The Gainesville Sudbury School?
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How much do you know about Sudbury Schools and the Sudbury model of education?
Staying in Touch and Final Thoughts
"Please send me more info about..."
Are you on Facebook? If so, please copy and paste a link to your personal page(s) below.
Or request to join this group if you want to be a part of the school's startup group of potential parents, volunteers, and staff.
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Google Email (Gmail) Address or Preferred Email Address(es) for a Google Group or Google Hangouts
We may create a Google Group (since not everyone likes Facebook), so a Gmail address would be ideal.
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Any comments or other information you would like to share with us?
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