FBCO Testimony Project Submission Form
The FBCO Testimony Project will seek to gather a written testimony from every member of the church.
COVID may have limited our ability to do many things, but this project is 100% COVID friendly. The goals of the testimony project are:
1. To challenge every member to express in writing their profession of faith in Christ and how it came about.
2. To collect and preserve the testimonies of the membership for the purposes of encouragement, evangelism, and posterity.

Forgive the formatting on this form! Please fill out each section. Don't worry about perfect spelling or grammar. We will edit and proofread your testimony. If you need help writing your testimony, please let us know.
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Begin your testimony by talking about your life before becoming a Christian. Example: I was born and raised in a family that assumed they were Christians. So, as I grew up, I assumed that I was a Christian too. Later I came to think differently. Other examples: “My family, friends and interests were….” “My security was found in…” “My satisfaction was found in…” “My background and understanding in regard to Christ was…”
When did you realize you were a sinner and that you deserved to be punished for your sins? Example: I was invited by a friend to attend a church service one evening. Before that service, if you had asked me, I would have told you that I was a Christian because I was a good person. That night the preacher gave a very simple message that convinced me that my sins had made me unacceptable to God. I knew I needed to be forgiven or I would be lost forever. Other examples: “I was awakened to my need for forgiveness by (books, sermons, people, circumstances)...” “I began to think about my sin and my need for forgiveness when…”
Next, tell how you became a Christian. You will need to be sure to give a simple explanation of the gospel in this section. Example: I knew there was a group of students that I knew who acted differently than me. My friend who had invited me to church was part of that group. I began to spend time with those students and realized that they were talking and thinking about Jesus Christ in ways I didn’t understand. I continued to attend church meetings and other activities with these students. I paid attention to what they were saying. I began to understand that the good news of Jesus was that Christ had done for us what we could not do for ourselves. Christ was punished and died to pay the penalty that needed to be paid for my sins. By trusting in what Christ did on the cross, I could have new life and a relationship with God. I surrendered my heart to Christ and began to follow Jesus. Other examples: “I came to understand that Christ had…” “I saw that my great need for a Savior had been met by Jesus when he…” “What meant the most to me was understanding…”
Describe how your life has changed since receiving Christ. Example: Right away I noticed a change within my life, I had a peace in my heart and I had hope about life that I didn’t have before. I knew I was a different person and I gained an assurance that if I died I would be acceptable to the Lord. I began to see my desires, attitudes, and actions change. As I have grown older I have endured many trials and circumstances, but I continue to see spiritual growth in my life. Other examples: “My relationship with…” “My attitude toward…” “My desires are now…” “A difficult area of obedience is” “I continue to learn every day that… “I am learning that…” “I am excited about…”
How has attending or being a member of FBCO helped you grow in Christ Example: I have been a member of First Baptist Church of Olney for many years. Through the teaching ministries of the church and the fellowship I have with other members, I have grown to become more like Jesus. Other examples: “My favorite things about FBCO are…” “I have been blessed to serve FBCO by participating in…” “The most meaningful thing about being a member of FBCO is…”
Optional Question: Please share your personal history, family history, or any information that you wish to share and that you wish to have preserved for future generations.
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