More Than A Song Studios - Membership Registration 2021/2022
Enrollment for music lessons 2021/2022
Hi! Thank you for registering.
Music is the one thing that connects all of us and we are very passionate about what we do.
Thank you for taking this step into a journey of sounds as we unlock another language.
To ensure there aren't any misunderstandings, please make sure to read EVERY section.😃
If you do not understand how something works, please feel free to connect at or call 613-698-7713. Your email or call will be returned within a day. We are happy to answer any questions you may have... our main goal is to be in the music with students...

You will get a PDF email copy of all the below details after registration is completed.

We are excited to get rollin' again!
We will see you soon. 🎶

Yours in Music,
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Please select your first desired option... even if it is wait listed. We are working on opening up another time slot for Danah's Arnprior Students. We will do our very best at making it work for everyone.
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