ESN Open Mic
Thank you for signing up to perform during the ESN Open Mic on the 20th of February at 14:00!

With this form you can let us know what you'd like to play, with whom, and what you need from us.

(If you just want to come and listen, you don't need to register via this form. Just be sure to click attend on the Facebook event.)
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How many people does your act consist of? *
Please answer 1 if you want to do a solo performance.
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Only list instruments you are not bringing yourself!
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Genre, number of songs and indication of time needed.
Do you need piano or guitar accompaniment? *
We have amazing piano and guitar players that might be able to accompany you.
Do you want to make use of the rehearsal time? *
On the 19th of February, between 16:00-18:00, there is a rehearsal space available for you at DB's, address: CAB-Rondom 100. There will be a drum kit, and you can rent additional instruments (keyboard, guitar, bass) for 2 euros per hour. Do you want to make use of this to practice for the Open Mic (please let us know before Thursday the 17th such that we can cancel the rehearsal space in case of no interest)?
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