Midterm Poll
Game 5 is here and we are already half way through the season. Seems only like yesterday when we kicked off aye?
Let's get into the polls for this weekend's games
Game 1 sees the Panthers against the Vipers. Which team do you think will get the "W"?
Game 2 is the Eko North Division showdown with the Stingrays and the Trogons. Who do you see being victorious in this old rivalry?
Game 3 might be the Game of the Week with an Eko South Division match-up. The Gidirons welcome the Rebels. Who will win it?
Do you think Farouk "El Slanto" will maintain the offensive male player for a second consecutive week?
Which of these female wide receivers do you think will dominate their respective games?
Which of the sack masters will have a stellar game in their head-to-head match-up in the Panthers v Vipers game?
Which of the 3 games are you most excited about?
Which of the quarterbacks is the most exciting to watch?
Which of these defenses do you fear the MOST?
Which team uniforms do you like the most?
Random Trivia
The current SFFL champions The Gidirons have not lost a game since May 13, 2018
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