Curious Creator Half Yearly Evaluation
This is a survey for CuriousCreators to complete every 6 months for CuriousWorks evaluations and tracking pathways.
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Who has been a key mentor/guide in your work at CuriousWorks? *
What CuriousWorks event/ activity/ job opportunity have you enjoyed the most in the last 6 months? *
What event/ activity/ job opportunity have you learnt the most from this year? In what way? *
On a scale of 1 to 5 how do you feel your employment potential skills have improved since being part of the Curious Creators ensemble program? (1 = no improvement, 5 = most improved) *
Do you feel that your personal experience/perspective has been represented in the projects you have been involved in? *
Describe how the Curious Creators Ensemble has impacted your personal/professional growth. *
Describe the help you have received from CuriousWorks this year (one on one mentorship, referee, links to opportunity, support and advocacy). *
What event/ activity/ job opportunity would you like to do more of? *
What skills would you like to develop? *
Have you gain work and/or network opportunities through your connection to CuriousWorks. If so please list the job or contact. *
List all the industry employment or internships you have had outside of CuriousWorks in the last 6 months. *
What are your professional/creative goals for next 12 months? *
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