Citywide Council for District 75: Outreach Survey on Remote Learning & Related Services for your child(ren) during COVID-19 School Closure
Due to the current pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), NYC public schools have been closed since March 16, 2020 and Mayor De Basio recently announced the decision to cancel all in-person classroom instruction for the rest of the school year. Since the closure of schools, the Department of Education has implemented the “Learn at Home” curriculum, commonly referred to as "remote learning." Remote learning will continue till the end of the school year and possibly through the summer for students who have these services mandated on their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Additionally, most of our District 75 children have mandated related services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and more which should also be continued as part of your child's regimen during this crisis.

The Citywide Council for District 75 (CCD75) is one of many advisory groups that comment and make recommendations on educational policies promoting student achievements and meeting necessary needs of the district to the chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP). As parents of our own children in the District 75 school system, we recognize the great stress, frustrations, and burdens remote learning and necessary related services may take upon us during this difficult period.

As we continue to advocate for our District 75 community and advise the DOE to specifically customize the needs in our community through the weeks and month to come. We are gathering information to (1.) better understand how your child's current needs are being met and (2.) what needs your child(ren0 and you as a parent/caregiver may or may not have. All information received will be reviewed and be officially reported to the Department of Education by the District 75 Council in order to further assist and accommodate our District 75 students.

Please add any additional comments at the end of this document. We appreciate your feedback. Any further questions or concerns, please email:
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Remote Learning for Special Education (Students with IEPs)
-A communication from school to the parent/caregiver on the student's remote learning plan.

-The remote learning plan outlines how the service will be delivered, providing the instruction and services that support the child’s progress toward meeting their IEP goals.

-If you have not received this plan or had no dialog with your child’s school, please reach out to your child’s teacher or related service provider. Also, continue to have an open active communication with your child’s teacher and/or related service provider to change/adjust the remote learning plan if need be, if it is not working for him/her.
What borough(s) and grade(s) is your child(ren) attending school? (Check all that applies-select each row, if the borough and grade does not pertain to your child, check N/A, which indicates “Not Applicable”, if you come to the borough and the grade your child is, check the box, and go to next question.
Early Childhood (Pre-K)
Elementary school (K-5)
Middle School (6-8)
High School (9-12)
Staten Island
Name of School (ex: P138M@P030M) *
What class size ratio is currently mandated in your child's IEP? *
Does your child(ren) have a remote learning plan? *
Has any school administrator(s) contact you since the school closure?
Clear selection
Has any parent coordinator(s) and/or unit coordinator(s) contact you since the school closure? *
Has any teacher(s) and/or para contact you since the school closure? *
Has any related service provider(s) contact you since the school closure? (Check all that applies) *
if any related service provider(s) that your child receives on their IEP failed to contact you since the school closure and you did not check the box above or checked the box "None of the above", please indicate what related service provider(s) it may be.
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