Lose weight in middle age?
Lose weight in middle age is certainly possible. Menopause is often used as an excuse for not being able to lose weight. Read here seven tips for losing weight in middle age.

Lose weight in middle age difficult?

There are millions of books and almost as many diets that promise us that we will lose weight. As we now know more and more, these diets and programs do not work in the long term. Lose weight in middle age is increasingly seen as frustrating and even considered impossible.

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Lose weight in middle age is certainly possible
I'll give you seven tips here that will make you lose weight easier in middle age . They are tips that you can apply separately. Choose the tips that may be important to you and ignore the other tips.
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1) Do not look for excuses why you would not be able to lose weight

Stop the many excuses such as: "I can not lose weight because I am in menopause " and "overweight is with me in the family" or "I have a job where I sit all day so I get overweight". Write for yourself a new slogan in which for example the following words occur: healthy, fit, more exercise, etc.

2) What are the reasons why you do not lose weight?

Make sure you know what exactly stops you from eating healthier and exercising more. What are your obstacles that make it difficult for you to lose weight?
Write all these obstacles on a list and devise a serious plan of action to overcome these obstacles.

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3) consciously choose to lose weight

Be aware of your language use (also in mind). Try to say and / or to think: "I choose to take this cookie or snack" instead of "I take this cookie or this snack because there is nothing else, I have no other choice".
By being aware of what you eat is also your choice, you can make much better choices.

4) Reward yourself once in a while

Do not set the bar too high for yourself. There is actually nothing to think about that you can continuously work on for the full 100% and that is how it also loses weight . Take something you like every now and then, but that does not fit perfectly into the pattern to lose weight. Choose these moments for yourself so that you can view it as a reward.

5) With help or guidance you have more chance of success
Provide support. You will have heard this many times before and now I will start over again. I do this to emphasize its importance. You simply have a greater chance of success if you are an attendant, a buddy who also wants to lose weight or even an online program or forum that monitors your progress and checks whether you keep to the agreements made. This way it is also more fun to lose weight in middle age.

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6) Avoid feeling hungry
Eat with a hunger . Whatever program you follow, a hunger feeling is never good. Hunger sentiment can mean that your body is in the "storage mode" where the body no longer burns calories because the body assumes that no food will come in for the time being. It is wise to limit these moments of hunger as much as possible by regularly eating smaller portions. If you still have a moment of hunger then you can best take a piece of fruit, vegetables or proteins to put an end to this.

7) More exercise
More exercise . For many of us in middle age, more exercise is seen as problematic, but this certainly does not have to be. You could start walking. Walking is almost anyone and you can do it almost anywhere and you can easily add it to your daily activities. If the desire is to move more besides walking, you could start running or choose another sport. Also remember that exercise is very healthy for the whole body.

Do you have the feeling after reading these tips that this is too much for you and that you will never succeed? Just start with one tip and apply it in your daily lifestyle. Only when you fully apply this tip do you choose a next tip. You are in control, but be aware that you want to lose weight yourself.

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