Application to join the Graduate School in Medical Bioinformatics, 2019
Thank you for your interest in MedBioInfo, the National Graduate School in Medical Bioinformatics. We provide courses in Bioinformatics, more specialised than can be provided by your home university. Our 36 affiliated faculty members include most of the leading Bioinformaticists in Sweden, and we also draw on the faculty of NORBIS, our Norwegian sister school. Our courses are short (1-2 weeks), and offered 2-3 times per year, totalling about 30 HP over the course of 3 years. You will be matched with a faculty mentor, providing a perspective and advice complementary to that of your advisor. You will be granted a yearly travel budget.

We also have an Annual Meeting where you will attend faculty talks and soft-skills workshops, present your research, network, and get feedback. Your first Annual Meeting would be held 8-10 May 2019 at Varbergs Kusthotell on the beach near Göteborg; if admitted you will be expected to attend.

You are eligible to apply if you began or will begin your PhD between January 2017 and April 2018, though there is some flexibility in this. You should be primarily doing computational research. Target groups include:

• Medical PhD students that mainly use computational tools
• Bioinformatics PhD students
• Geneticists and other statistically oriented PhD students in the Life Sciences
• Mathematical Medical Biology students.
• PhD students in genomics that mainly use computational tools
• PhD students in systems biology that mainly use computational tools

Enrollment is limited to 20 incoming students per year.

Please fill in the information below. Maximum total size of all attachments is 1GB. Application deadline is February 28, 2018.

Email address *
Your name (first and last) *
Your Swedish personnummer, ÅÅÅÅMMDD-XXXX. If you do not have yours yet, just provide your birth date in the format ÅÅÅÅMMDD. *
What did you consider to be your scientific nationality, prior to starting the PhD? This would be the country in which you received most of your prior scientific training. This question is for statistical reporting purposes only, and is not a selection criterion. *
Name of university where you are or will be enrolled for the PhD *
Start date of your PhD studies *
Your PhD supervisor's name *
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Please describe your research project including its bioinformatical challenges. If there is a medical aspect, please describe that as well. *
Why do you think you would benefit from the graduate school? No need to duplicate any information from the above. *
Please upload at least one letter of recommendation from your supervisor(s). This should include a statement that the supervisor will allow you to participate in the courses and that the supervisor will provide you with a suitable laptop for participation in the courses. *
Please upload transcripts of your undergraduate and MS courses *
Please upload a CV. In addition to the usual elements, please make sure it has your contact information, name and contact information of your supervisor, your starting date of your PhD and a short description of your knowledge of bioinformatics, mathematics, computer science, life science and programming. *
Please list PhD/Master level courses in Bioinformatics you have taken *
Please list PhD/Master level courses you have taken in Probability and Statistics *
How often do you use Linux/Unix? *
What programming/scripting languages are you comfortable using? You may check more than one. *
Link to the github/bitbucket repository where you make most commits (if you have one) *
Rate your level of Bioinformatics skills *
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