Evaluation of Supports Offered to Date by Athlone Education Centre during School Closures
Dear Colleagues,
I hope you remain safe and well in these challenging times. I would be grateful if you would
take some time to complete a short survey that will provide valuable feedback on the
supports we have been putting in place during school closures. This feedback will enable us
to plan additional supports in areas relevant to your school for the coming weeks.

Stephanie Keating,
Position *
Webinars attended that were offered by Athlone Education Centre *
Did you avail of any of these additional supports? *
List the supports you found most useful. *
In what way have these supports helped you in your role? *
List additional areas in which you would like to receive support. *
Would you attend more courses in the future if they became available as webinars/online courses? *
Any other information you would like to add?
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