AMaP Presenter Application
Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory is a new online conference that will debut in Nov 2017. The goal of AMaP is to provide a place where people who cannot attend conventional polyamory conferences or who do not feel welcome at conventional polyamory conferences can come together to connect, to learn, and to build community.

AMaP will be using Zoom, the audio-visual conferencing app, to connect presenters with attendees. Zoom works on all major operating systems and can also be accessed by phone. Because of the nature of the conference, presenters and attendees will be able to remain anonymous while participating as much or as little as they want.

We invite you to submit a workshop proposal and share your experiences, insights, projects and ideas related to multi-linking in all it's forms. The conference will take place in the cloud Nov 3-5
Our debut conference theme is Silenced Voices. Whether you
*have been silenced due to an unpopular opinion
*from oppression
*have been literally silenced by an injury or illness
*struggle to communicate due to neurodivergence or mental illness
*know about historical approaches to multi-linking that have been forgotten or erased
we want to hear from you!

Proposals not related to the theme of Silenced Voices are also welcome.

Not sure if your proposal fits? Emphasis on topics like Decolonizing Desire, Access Intimacy, Neurodivergent Communication, Anti-Oppressive Love, Dismantling Amatonormativity, Putting the Black Back In Queerness, Chronic Pain and Sex/Sensuality, Sex and Academia, and others; preference given to BIPOC/marginalized voices in particular.

We would like to have a teen-friendly track with topics relevant to teens. Please let us know if your workshop would fit in this track. (Teen-friendly topics don't need to be teen-only, any topics that can be inclusive of teens and adults are welcome in the teen-friendly track.)

Workshops will run 50 minutes. Presenters who access through a computer or smart device can use Zoom’s whiteboard feature for images, slides and other visual information. Please be prepared to share all visual information verbally for attendees with vision loss and folks who are attending by phone.

*All presenters will receive 2 free tickets to the con, one for themself and one for a friend/loved one.
*All presenters will have an online 'table' in the con Vendor Space where you can provide information about your products and/or services and links to your store/Amazon page/Patreon/etc.
*All presenters will receive $50 per Presentation, subject to change based on con's success. (Basically if con isn't as successful as we hope we won't be able to pay our presenters the full $50, but you will get something. If the con is more successful than we expect we may be able to pay more than $50. Payments will be sent the 15th of Dec 2017.)

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Please submit all proposals by June 30, 2017
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