Idaho Career & Technical Education Foundation Anne Veseth Memorial Continuing Education Scholarship
The $500.00 Idaho Career & Technical Education Foundation Scholarship was established to encourage Idaho students pursuing first certificates or degrees in career and technical education at Idaho technical colleges. This competitive scholarship is available to graduating Idaho high school students who plan to enroll or who are currently enrolled in an approved Idaho Career & Technical Education program at the postsecondary level.

A scholarship recipient may apply for one additional scholarship after the initial scholarship award.

Applications must be submitted no later than May 1 of the current school year. INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

If you have questions regarding this application, contact your high school or college counselor, The Idaho Career & Technical Education Foundation at, or Idaho Career & Technical Education at 208-334-3216.

- Be a legal resident of Idaho
- Have graduated from an accredited Idaho public or private school or equivalent
- Have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better during the previous two years of school at an
accredited high school or postsecondary school.
- Enroll as a full-time student, as defined by the school, in a career and technical education program at an approved
technical college in Idaho, pursuing an undergraduate course of study requiring at least nine months of consecutive
attendance and leading to a first degree, technical certificate or other approved award

- College of Western Idaho
- College of Southern Idaho
- College of Eastern Idaho
- Idaho State University College of Technology
- Lewis-Clark State College
- North Idaho College

This scholarship is provided through the Idaho Career & Technical Education Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization. There are no Idaho State funds used. Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, creed, age, sex, handicapped condition, religion, or economic background.
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