Flathead Lake Music Camp Scholarship Form 2019
Partial and full scholarships are offered to campers (MAINLY PARTIAL, between $75-$150). The CAMPER should fill out the following form. Forms submitted after May 15, 2019 will not be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded based on musical merit and financial need. All scholarship applicants must be registered for camp and will need to have paid the $75 non-refundable deposit prior to May 15th. Scholarship recipients will be notified in early June via the parent email provided on this form. Any scholarship amount above what has already been paid to the camp will be reimbursed on the day of check-in.
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Essay One: Musical Merit
Please describe for us what musical achievements you have accomplished. Describe any honor groups, festivals, awards. etc... Also, please list the musical groups/private lessons/solos/ensembles in which you have participated. Be thorough, as half of the consideration for a scholarship is based upon your musical merit. Also, use complete sentences and check your spelling.
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Essay Two: Financial Need Statement
Please describe for us your financial need. Please include any information you would like us to know as we consider you for a scholarship. Use complete sentences and check your spelling.
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Comments/Anything you'd like us to know
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