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Long Island Explorer Observations - Provide a detailed description of something natural
Geology & Plant Community Observations: Check all that apply.
Freshwater Observations - Does this park have freshwater. If not, write N/A. Describe the water, and variations of plant and animal life.
Trails & Maintenance Observations - Describe nearby parks by name and using directions, ie. N, or NW, etc.) Are there trails connecting them or wildlife corridors (utility lines, or linear patches of open space)? Make any general observations too.
Wildlife Observations - What wildlife observed (directly, track, other signs), where, and doing what? Also let us know if ticks are bad today.
Marine Ecology Observations - Does this park have a marine environment? If not, write N/A. Otherwise, study the salt marsh or beach to surf profile. Describe the variations of plant and animal life.
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