AAA student survey
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What's 1 thing you like about 2nd Acts?
What's 1 thing you'd like to see different at 2nd Acts?
Do you like the small group format around a table?
Not loving it
Love it
How important is the food to the 2nd Acts experience?
Not really important
Really important
Do you enjoy the mix of all ages together?
Not my favorite
Love it
Would you like to be in the same group from week to week?
Not really
The lessons in 2nd Acts go along with the sermon series. Does that make a difference to you?
Didn't notice
Really helps
What do you enjoy most about the church worship experience?
What area needs the most improvement
Which atmosphere do you enjoy the most during church?
What would you like to see different during the worship service?
What could AAA Church do for you?
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