Solo & Ensemble Volunteers
Hello! We need some help running Region Solo & Ensemble for Saturday, February 22nd! Please complete this form if you would like to volunteer. Here is a tentative schedule for the day:

7:10 am - Report to BH
8:00 am - Duties begin (runners, monitors)
12 pm - Lunch
4:30 pm (or sooner!) - Contest wrap-up

*We will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day for all student workers!

- Job Descriptions -

Monitors help keep the room on schedule. You are the first line of contact with directors, students, and sometimes parents who are searching for their room. The performer will check in with the monitor. The monitor must make sure the performer has the following things: (1) An original of the solo/ensemble to be performed and (2) A critique sheet to give the judge. The monitor will bring students in and out of the room.

Runners help deliver results to the contest office (band hall). This job involves more walking! Runners tend to be "problem fixers" on the go. Don't worry--you will get breaks, but be prepared to move more. (:

We need:
6 Monitors
2 Runners/Monitors
1 Runner

Volunteer attire - jeans, comfortable shoes, and your travel shirt! If you are performing AND volunteering, you can change into this. (:

**Please be available to work the entire day if you sign up. If this is not possible and you would still like to work, please come talk to us. Thanks!
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If you are performing and would like to volunteer, we will schedule your solo/ensemble earlier to perform first. This is so you are not trying to run the room and play at the same time.
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