12. Ton-ichi Talk & Bar 『リ◆ダ◆を隠せ』 Un-talking about lead**s
今度のTon-ichi Talkは、みんなが“主役”になってライブ対談!事前に集めた質問、当日沸いた疑問、いろんな人に聞いちゃいましょう!でも、ルールがあります。

Next Ton-ichi Talk is an animated one! You are no more just participants! Everyone can get involved with your enquiries that are collected either before the event or on the day. But, please note that we ask you to apply a rule, asking not to use some specific words related to leadership, during our talk.
Let's frankly share your thoughts, ideas or desire with graduates, students, teachers and office workers of le*ding programs (without banned words)!!
NGワード一覧 (list of NG words)
Leader, Leadership, Leading
日時:2018年3月26日(月) 開場 17:30 トーク開始 18:00(20:30終了予定)
Day/Time : 26 March 2018 (Mon) Open 17:30, Talk starts 18:00 (-20:30)
Venue : Community Lounge, Higashi-Ichijo-kan (right next to the entrance)

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