Vallejo SOUP Project Proposal
Thank you for your interest in presenting your project at the next Vallejo SOUP!

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project. At each event, four community projects will be presented and the project that receives the most votes will go home with the majority of funds raised by the community. Over the three two events the community provided an average of $600 for the first prize winner and $200 for each of remaining 3 projects.

Proposal submissions close on August 10th at 11:59pm and you will hear from us about a week after whether your project has been selected to be presented or not. If you have questions, comments or concerns, please email

Proposal Guidelines:
• Your proposal doesn’t need to be a novel!
• Your idea can be about ANYTHING as long as it benefits the community.
• The project must be within Vallejo.
• Age is just a number so please don’t limit yourself or a child! We want to hear from all.
• If you idea doesn’t get selected for this SOUP, then SUBMIT AGAIN! We'll have more SOUP events later this year.
• Save what you write to make it easier if you want to resubmit you.
• The information you submit may be used for Vallejo SOUP's marketing purposes.
• Make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc.
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How exactly will you spend the SOUP grant funding to realize your project? Please Provide a Simple Budget up to $1000 (ie Paint: $300, Marketing: $100, etc.) *
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