OCP Lift Program Application
We urgently need public procurement reform. As we emerge from the global pandemic, governments will be forced to do more with less as budgets shrink due to declining revenue. At the same time, public sector spending has the potential to fuel a more fair economic recovery and expand access to services and public works.

How will you use open contracting* to support an inclusive and effective recovery?

*Open contracting is about making public procurement processes and information more transparent, collaborative and results driven. It is about engaging public, private, civil society or other sectors, to use better procurement information and smarter processes to deliver better public goods, works, services, and expand economic opportunity.

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Your Impact & Plan
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What is the problem that you are seeking to address through Lift? *
In your answer, please specify how this problem is linked to the quality of public goods, works, or services or access to opportunity and procurement. Tip: A good problem statement defines the gap between your current situation and the future you want to see. It should also be precise and actionable.
What is the solution to this problem? *
In your answer, please explain what the future that you want to see is and the concrete outcomes you anticipate by the Lift program’s end in June of 2022.
What are your key activities that will help you achieve this solution?
Please include the outputs associated with these activities.
Is your project using, or planning to use, public contracting data or information? Note: while we encourage open data publication and use, we do not require teams to publish this information in accordance with the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS). *
If yes, describe how your project uses or will use public contracting data or information. Specify if any of the sources is using the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard (OC4IDS), or planning to use OCDS or OC4IDS.
How are you planning to engage multiple, diverse stakeholder groups through your project? *
Please describe your key stakeholder groups that you will engage, how, and for what purpose. Potential stakeholders may include government, civil society, private sector, media, academia, etcetera.
How will the OCP Lift program make a difference for your project success? *
Please describe how you will use the financial and human resources from Lift, and how they will accelerate your work.
Your Power to Make Change
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What “powers” do you have to advance this project, and who with power will help you make change happen? *
In your answer please explain any key relevant organizational strategies and plans, regulations, policy directions, or key relationships that give you the power to pursue your work; please also elaborate on who with power - such as a senior decision maker, a group of powerful leaders, or broad-based support from stakeholder groups - will help you make change happen.
Your Challenges
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What key challenges do you expect as you implement your reform, and how will you address them? *
Please particularly explain any political, leadership buy-in, and capacity or IT/infrastructure challenges that might prevent your success, and how you will overcome institutional resistance to change.
Your Capacity
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What skills and resources does your team have to complete the project, and what do you need? *
These resources may include human resources, technology tools, budget, etc.
Who is on your core team, and why are they involved? *
We require the team to include members from key agencies or organizations and be from a minimum of two agencies/organizations. We strongly encourage cross-sectoral teams that have representatives from stakeholder groups such as government, non-profit, academia, media or business. Please list up to 5 people. Please indicate who is leading or co-leading the team.
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