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The aim is to gauge interest and see who wants better broadband and who can help us get it.
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Would you be interested in taking a reliable 1Gbps broadband service that returns all profits to the local community?
Community Groups similar to BB4ER have a £150 installation charge and a monthly fee of £35 for their service. We expect our charges to be around this level - but it does depend on the number taking the service.
If you own property or land in the area would you be willing to grant a free wayleave to let us install fibre across your land?
All routes, work and timing are only undertaken with landowner agreement. We ask for free wayleaves trusting that landowners recognise the benefit of having a fast reliable connection and would not wish that others in the community be denied the benefit of the same service.
Are you interested in becoming an investor?
We expect the investment options to deliver significant tax benefits through an Enterprise Investment Scheme or similar.
Can you offer any skill or knowledge that might help the with project? Do you have a question for us?
The Volunteers page (under "Community" on the site menu) may give you ideas about ways in which you could help with the project.
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