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Medici Policies and Core Values

*Guest Policy

Medici members are responsible for their guests when they visit our facility. This means that:

- The Medici member must be on the premises and supervise the area of the facility utilized by their guest(s).
- The Medici member arrives at the facility before their guests and does not leave the facility until their guests have left.
- The Medici member will have their guest(s) sign in and out, either at the front desk, or using another method previously approved by Medici staff.

These policies are in place to help keep the facility as a whole, and the individual offices of the business owners within the facility safe and secure. It is up to the supervising member to communicate our facility guidelines to their guests and enforce them for their guests. Knowingly violating the above policies may result in a number of responses from Medici, including, but not limited to the immediate termination of your membership.

*Clean up Policy  

Medici members share responsibility for the cleanliness of the facility. When you reserve a bookable room:

- The bookable space must be returned to its original state by the end of your reserved time slot.
- Furniture must be returned to its original location.
- Trash must be thrown away.
- Decorations must be taken down.
- Medici furniture such as folding tables should also be treated with respect when you use them.
- Clean the tables of any spills or markings before putting them away.
- Be gentle when moving furniture so you do not damage the furniture or floor.
- Do not use glitter anywhere.

*These policies are in place to ensure that Medici maintains a professional environment for businesses, and apply at all times, not just during events. Keeping the facility clean demonstrates the basic respect towards the facility and community that’s expected of any member. An inability or unwillingness to clean up after yourself shows the opposite. Violation of any of the above policies may result in a cleaning fee added to your next invoice and/or the termination of your membership.

By signing below, you agree to abide by the above policies.
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