JBF Denver VIP - We tag it, you make $
No time to tag your items? We'll do it for you!

Steps to get items ready for VIP:
- Sort items by size and gender and put like items together
- Take out items that are torn, stained or not sellable
- Make sure all toys have batteries and work
- Make sure all pieces are included with all puzzles, games, etc. We will charge $5 per item if pieces aren't included.
- Label boxes or bags with your name
- Find a time to drop off your items to Bobbie Jo or designated VIP tagger
- Be excited to declutter your house and make money while doing it

Email address *
Name *
Address *
Phone Number *
Consignor Number *
Z-100-ZIA (example)
I understand and agree that Just Between Friends is not responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my sale items. JBF does not own these items, and can therefore not insure them, or be held liable for them in any way. My personal insurance may cover these items and I am responsible for knowing my personal policy and obtaining coverage. *
A $20 consignor fee will be charged for the first 150 items and a $5 dollar fee will be added for every 100 items after that and taken out of my check before it is sent to me. I will receive 45% of my gross sales in a check sent 3 weeks after the sale, and if I volunteer I will get 55% of my sales. *
Items will be dropped off to the assigned tagger, at a prearranged time in sturdy cardboard boxes or bins with my name and phone number on them. Boxes/bins will not be returned to me. *
I understand that I am eligible for a Consignor Presale pass for myself and a guest. These passes will be waiting for me at the desk to the Consignor presale and I will check the sale calendar for details. *
I agree to have all of my items included in the half price sale, and then donated at the end of the sale with an exception of a maximum of 10 items that I specify. I may request specific prices for up to a maximum of ten items (large and expensive items). JBF Denver may choose to keep my items in storage for the next sale if room and time permits. *
I understand that I may not pick up unsold items after the sale. I may choose to have them stored for the next sale for $25 (seasonal items will not be stored). *
Who referred you? If you refer a friend your consignor fee will be half off, refer two friends and it will be free, refer three friends and you will be entered into a drawing to earn 60% of your sales for the September sale!
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