Application for Attending Conference/Seminar/Training/Workshop /Meeting using R&D Funding
* Please take note that you will received an auto-generated email regarding this application. You are required to submit the complete signed form and other supporting documents to RMC for further process.

Important Notes:
1. Traveling for research project including to present conference paper, attend workshop, training, meeting or other traveling activity which is relevant to the research project. However traveling for above activities must as per funding provider policy/guidelines.
2. Applicant must obtain approval from RMC before traveling is made for the purpose of the intended research project. However traveling locally (within Malaysia) with claim on mileage, meal allowance, toll, parking fee and/or taxi fare, will only require approval at the faculty level only.
3. This application must be submitted not less than 4 weeks before the date of the local conference/training/workshop/seminar/meeting. For overseas conference/training/workshop/seminar/meeting, applications must be submitted not less than 10 weeks before the date of conference/training/workshop/seminar/meeting.
4. Please note that all overseas conference application using MOSTI (E-Science Fund grant) will be forwarded to MOSTI for approval.
5. Prior Public Disclosure Approval is compulsory for all forms of presentation in Conference/Seminar.
6. For conference held overseas, the conference must be indexed in SCOPUS or WEB of Science (WOS).

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