UBC ECE Capstone (2019-20) Project Submission
Please use this form to submit a project proposal for UBC ECE's 2019-20 Undergraduate Capstone Projects. For more information, please visit https://ece.ubc.ca/CapstonePartners/Form.

A capstone instructor will review the proposal and may offer feedback. You will also be provided with a link to edit your submission (there is no need to submit revisions in a separate form).

If your project is assigned a capstone team, you will again have the opportunity to refine the project together with your team.

Project Title
What is your project's title? *
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Background Information
Describe the context of the project. This may include the importance of emerging technologies, market research trends, reasons why your organization is changing, reasons why your clients' needs are changing, etc.
What is the background information to your project?:
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Main Objectives
Please describe the main objectives of the project in terms of a successful outcome. Examples include aiding your company's assessment of a technology, increasing productivity at your organization, or satisfying a customer demand.

The main objective may be revised based on course requirements, new information, student skills and background.

What are the main objectives of your project? *
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Main Deliverables
Please describe what the successful project will produce for your organization. Examples include a prototype, feasibility report, an implemented software architecture, custom data base, app, etc.

The main deliverables usually are revised based on course requirements, new information, student skills and background.

What are the main deliverables for your project? *
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Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure Agreements
Please indicate if your project is based on proprietary information or will generate intellectual property. If you indicate that agreements are required, a capstone instructor will contact you to explain how your IP / NDA interests are protected

Projects requiring IP / NDA agreements will have to pre-sign UBC IP documents without revision before September. Please see the documents at http://www.ece.ubc.ca/CapstonePartners/Form.

Only students prepared to sign IP / NDA agreements with your organization will be considered for your project.

Is their proprietary information associated with your project? *
Project Classification
The following questions will help instructors and students identify and organize types of projects.
Is the project a repeat or continuation of a past capstone project?
Which of the category best describes the project?
What key words best describe your project?
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