Stay in Touch with ex-Sunrise Seattle
Since January 2019, we’ve built incredible relationships with each other, put on exciting actions, and trained countless people to start their organizing journey. As of July 2021, the Sunrise Seattle hub is no longer organizing within the national Sunrise Movement organization.

Sunrise National silenced the Black Sunrise Caucus by ignoring the demands of their September 2020 and March 2021 letters. They only attempted to implement them after Sunrise leaders and staff members made these demands public in their ‘Do What Must Be Done’ letter. In addition, Sunrise National has had repeated negative interactions with members of color within our hub and has a history of asking Black, Indigenous and people of color to provide anti-racist education and work without compensation.

Sunrise National has drastically reduced communication with our hub and has not offered us adequate support in helping our community through the climate emergencies that we have been experiencing locally. Furthermore, many of us disagree with the Sunrise movement’s prioritization of electoral politics instead of community based projects. Using consensus decision making, our group has decided we will no longer organize within the Sunrise movement because our values of localized anti-racist climate justice do not align with the actions of Sunrise National.

Our email will no longer be active (so no more weekly updates!) and neither will the Slack workspace. Rest assured that we will still be organizing together for the just world we need, but in a different form. If you’re interested in staying involved, please fill out this Google form so you can stay updated. We have a lot of work still to do and a long journey ahead, and we hope that you continue to plug in and look after one another.

All the best,
The group formerly known as Sunrise Seattle.
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