Empathy Certification  - Certified Empathic Professional® Program
Gain self-awareness | Regulate Emotions | Strengthen relationships | Manage Expectations | Build Trust | Listen Mindfully | Collaborate & Communicate with Clarity | Lead Boldly

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Why should you join this program?

Have you ever had so much going on in your mind that you end up creating chaos around you without meaning to?

Do you sometimes feel surges of emotions that you struggle to regulate, which later flow out of you as anger or breakdowns?

Have you faced extreme discomfort in a work relationship but struggled to have an effective conversation to deal with it because talking about it was too difficult for you?

Do you maintain unrealistic expectations of people that later lead to sorrow and disappointment?

Have you wished you could forgive someone who deeply hurt you and then move on without carrying burdens from past experiences?

Do you want to become a better listener and communicator and deepen your relationships through healthy boundaries?

If you could relate to any or all of the above problems, then the "Certified Empathic Professional®" program is for you. 

This holistic program is carefully curated and created so that you gain awareness of day-to-day challenges in personal, domestic and work environments.  

You will be encouraged to reflect on your inner self and your relationships with the outside world to gain empathic insights that can transform your approach to daily life. 

You will work closely with a small group of like-minded people, sharing and gaining valuable lessons as you navigate this journey together!

Who is this program for?

  • Professionals who are looking to strengthen their relationships at work and home, and to balance the two, through an understanding of empathy first toward the self and then toward others. 
  • Mid-level managers and top-level leadership executives who are looking to manage their teams and homes effectively.


"My favourite part of the workshops were the discussions we had, where we revisited moments of life, re-analysed them on the basis of newly acquired knowledge, applied various techniques to practice empathy and shared our insights with the rest of the group. 

This has been a life-changing journey for me. I am certain it will continue to be so, as the learnings from the course do not end with the course, it is a life-long journey of empathic application and reflection."

"It has been two years since the course. How it changed my relationship with myself and others at work, at home, and in other social circles is incredible.

Now and then, I try to go back to the learnings and refresh them. I may not consciously implement them every day but when I look back at how I dealt with difficult moments, I can clearly see how my learnings from the course helped me navigate and communicate in empathic ways."

- MK (Cohort 2)

How is the program organised?

  • The program will be conducted over three months, with one online session every week (a total of 12 online sessions) that are 1-2 hours long for an individual (one-on-one) and 3 hours long for groups.
  • The program can be delivered one-on-one or in batches of three to four participants.
  • You will be provided with detailed learning material and assignment documents.
  • You will be required to come prepared with certain self-observations and personal experiences for each session. 
  • You will need to commit 2 hours a week for the course, outside of the live sessions.
  • Assignments will need to be submitted within the stipulated time for completion.

Who is the workshop facilitator?

Rasha Kutty is the Founder and the Chief Facilitator at Empathy Matters Private Limited - the flagship initiative of which is The Empathy University®. She holds master's degrees in Management and Psychology. She is a certified Instructional Designer, a certified Empathic Intervision facilitator and a certified Empathy Circles facilitator.

She has previously worked in the corporate sector with organisations and clients including Yahoo, Lulu Group, McGraw Hill, Pearson. Swiss Re, Target and Apple. She is also actively involved in social causes, is an organisational culture change consultant, and has associated with some of the best educational pioneers in the world such as TEDx and Technovation. 

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