Unconditional Education: Supporting Schools to Serve All Students
This book aims to engage education leaders around the principles and practices of Unconditional Education (UE): a belief in working tirelessly to protect the rights of those students who are most readily disenfranchised by the existing education system. These students are living in poverty, exposed to chronic stress and trauma, and sometimes involved in the child welfare or probation system; they are often English Language Learners, and students with disabilities and/or mental health diagnoses. There is ample evidence that our current education system is failing these students.

The theoretical underpinnings of the UE model have been informed by Seneca Family of Agencies’ more than 30 years of experience providing special education and mental health services to children and families facing the most complex barriers to success. Over the years, Seneca has tested and refined the agency’s core practices that guide our interventions with youth and families in need.

UE offers an innovative approach to building schools capable of serving all students. Through an integration of general education, special education, and mental health systems and with an intentional focus on culture and climate, student supports are deployed when and where they are needed. Whole schools build the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of their most marginalized students and build strong and healthy communities in which all students can thrive.

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