Bhakti Yoga Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities !
BYC Leadership and Volunteer Application form
Job / Services Description
1. Public Relations Leader
As a Public Relations Leader you will:
• Manage registration desk every session, welcome members and collect membership dues , new emails etc
• Interact with students and solicit their feedback.
• Answer emails and queries
• Welcoming all members to our session and helping them settle
.• Advertise and promote our events through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and removing pesky
spammers on FB.

2. Event Coordinator Leader
As an event coordinator Leader you will:
• Assist in organizing weekly events by ensuring the room is ready for the events ( check projector, mike , sound system
• Assist by booking rooms for regular events and special events for entire semester by coordinating with MSC and Rudder staff.
• Getting the required events forms signed by BYC president and submitting it to MSC and Rudder staff.

3. Creative Head / Web- Graphic Designer / Flyer Designer
As Web and graphic designer you will:
• Help design advertising promotional materiel like banners, flyers, brochures etc using Photoshop or other design
software on website and marketing.
• Provide creative inputs to the IT/ Web team and update clubs website,

4. Volunteers
As volunteer you will:
• Work in collaboration with different teams and assist officers in their tasks.
• Escort guest speakers, from parking lot to the venue.
• Helping in food loading and unloading.
• Help set up and wind up sessions by packing up books table, food table and help load the car.
• Assist with serving food.

Criteria/ Requirement for all positions:
• You should have been a BYC member for at least one semester in the past.
• Maintained a GPA of minimum 3.0 for grad and 2.5 for under grad .
• Should be willing to attend 70 % sessions each semester.
• Be in good standing with the club and the University
• Refer to constitution or more detailed description of eligibility and expectations.

Why you should apply and be on our team?
1) You'll gain leadership skills, event management skills, public relations skills, fundraising skills and many more skills to enhance your personality development.
3) Opportunity to network with students from diverse background.
4) Opportunity to network with world renowned yogis and speakers.
5) You'll be able to serve TAMU community in a holistic way and derive immense satisfaction and happiness.
6) And most importantly you will have a lot of fun and friendships coming your way!!

Thank you,
Bhakti Yoga Club President.
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Public Relations Leader
 Event Coordinator Leaders 
Creative Head / Web- Graphic Designer / Flyer Designer
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