Innovation Fair Application - Oxford Africa Conference 2019
Each year, the Oxford Africa Innovation Fair brings together African entrepreneurs and innovators tackling challenges in Africa. They participate in business master classes, networking sessions and present their innovations to further their impact. This year, the Innovation Fair is also open to Africans who are running social impact-driven businesses in the diaspora.
The Innovation Fair will take place between the 16th - 18th of May, 2019 and in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The Benefits
- Gain or Improve your business skills through the Innovation Fair’s Startup Bootcamp
- Access to mentorship and networking opportunities
- Present your startup to participants who could be potential investors and customers
- Expose your brand online and offline through the visibility provided by the Innovation Fair and its partners
- Receive a certificate of participation

The Criteria
- Must be a social enterprise, that is impact-driven
- Must be led by Africans that is, at least one African on the founding team
- Business must already in operation (that is, product or service launched), and older than six months by May 1, 2019 and less than four years old by May 1, 2019
- Adopt innovative solutions in operation

Please note that applicants would have to fund their participation at the Innovation Fair.

Applications close on 17 April 2019, if you will need a visa to be in the UK.
If you do not require a visa, the application deadline is 30 April 2019, at 11:59PM GMT.

If you require a visa, please fill the form at before 12pm GMT on Thursday April 18, 2019.

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