Creative Soulful Singing Meditation
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2019
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm (please come on time to avoid interruptions)
Fees: RM50/person.
Materials: Provided.
Venue: The Hatchery Place (49, Jalan USJ 11/3D, 47620 Subang Jaya)
Feel free to bring your own art medium/natural creative tools/drum/percussion instrument if you wish :)
Wear comfortable clothes.

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Reconnect with Your Creative Self!
Do you ever feel like you're not really connecting with life the way you should? Do you ever feel a bit unfulfilled? If so, you're not alone. A lack of fulfillment can be caused by lack of creativity in our lives. Creativity might not seem like an essential aspect of life (especially if you don't have a creative career), but creativity helps us avoid stagnation and boredom. Connecting with our inner artist is incredibly effective for mindfulness and overall fulfillment. In fact, it's vital for our happiness. It helps us see the world from a fresh perspective, and exploring creative outlets can positively impact mental, physical, & emotional wellbeing.

When a disconnect is felt in your creative life, it can be daunting to find out the reason behind it. We are always full of questions, we are always looking for the ultimate reasons behind why or why not we have a creative block. To find the answers to the above, the first thing is not to put a lot of thought into the questions as that just perpetuates the cycle of ‘what ifs’ inside the head.

We invite you to join us on Sunday afternoon, and relax into our creative soulful singing meditation session together using sound, drums, art, writing, or movement to ignite the inner creativity in you. Even if you don't always feel like a creative person, YOU ARE. And you'll miss out on a lot of inspiration, exploration, and fulfillment if you choose to ignore the creative aspect of your life. Give yourself the permission & allow the incredible feeling of making something just to make it -- with no agenda, no judgment. Come with a pure intention, and leave with a rejuvenated pure soul!

About Mindful Singing Meditation

It’s the process of allowing breath, sound, and vibration to flow through our bodies. When we vocalize, we’re really massaging our body from the inside out — So it really is a gesture of self-compassion. Singing tends to help the muscles relax, and helps release the tightness and constriction we feel when we get a lot of anxiety or stress from tension.

In this session, we can enrich our meditation further, turning the attention to the group dynamic by vocalizing together, as if we're in sync. Communal singing & making rhythms together can be powerful and inspiring!

About our Facilitator, Miki Wong

Miki is an intuitive inner rhythms practitioner, working with hand drums, percussions, vocal and movements to create a meditative experience for healing & therapeutic purposes. In her daily meditation practice, she loves using sound as a mean of manifestation to create joy, love, happiness, peace and creativity in life.

Miki also offers mindful facilitations for the community (adults & kids, as well as kids with special needs), workshops, retreats and private gatherings to promote healing & empowerment through rhythms, voice & movements.
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About The Hatchery Place
The Hatchery Place is an in-home creative coworking + coliving space. It is actually in a home, a terrace house located at residential area USJ 11.
Kevin (now a woodworker) and Elaine (now an artist) were both corporate quitters and growth-oriented creative souls who started The Hatchery Place in February 2016, at first to escape the cubicle world, but now the space has evolved into an inspiring little community where traveling creatives share and exchange their skills, cultures and experiences with the locals.
During the day, the space is a shared coworking space and at night, turns in to a shared coliving space. In the weekends, creative workshops and events are run. Coffee/tea/cold drinks and snacks are sold at the mini snack bar.

We have an indoor cat in the house, so please take note if you're allergic to cats!

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Payment Instructions
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Beneficiary name: ELAINE WONG KAM CHEE
Bank name: CIMB BANK
Account number: 7059837467

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Terms & Conditions
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- Kindly arrive on time, so as not to inconvenient other participants.
- If you arrive late or unforeseen circumstances or traffic conditions prevented you from attending the event, we will still proceed at its intended time.
- If you would like someone to replace your slot, kindly inform us as early as possible.
- You agree that we may include photos of you in any promotional materials relating to the event and/or any materials used at the event. (Do inform us if you have privacy concerns, we will try our best to exclude you in our photos.)
Coming for the event
For Driving
There is only one entrance into USJ 11/3D which is to the right of coffee shop/kopitiam ‘Happy & Merry Kitchen’.
If the GPS brings you to the wrong entrance, go straight and turn left at the next traffic light, keep left and turn left at next junction. After you pass 99 Speedmart, you will arrive at the entrance with security guard.
Tell him the address (49, USJ 11/3D) and show him your ID to enter.
Google Map:

Since this is a residential area, you can park anywhere nearby as long as it is not blocking neighbour's entrance or obstruct traffic.

For Public Transport
The nearest LRT station is Taipan LRT station. It takes 20 minutes to walk here (1.6km), so we advise you to take a GRAB ride which costs roughly RM5 for a 5min drive to reach here from the station.
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