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How many characters? *
Count pets or creatures (like Pokémon) as additional characters. I will determine cost based on size/complexity.
Tell me what you want! *
Examples: My OCs holding hands while standing in a field of flowers. A full body art of my DnD character, no background. My favorite character made into a print for my wall! (Please note at this time I cannot provide the print itself but can draw in the size needed for future printing.)
References *
Please send picture references of your character or describe in full detail any information you see of importance. Anything unspecified will be left to my discretion.
Username/Social Media *
So I can contact you for questions and show WIPs! (@SaBasse/twitter, @sabassestudios/instagram, discord, etc.)
Agreement *
By checking this box you understand and agree with the following; all prices and quotes are final and non-negotiable. You will be invoiced when I am ready to start your piece, please allow a few days to be provided a work in progress. I am willing to make changes in art in the sketch phase, but should I need to redraw something past the line art stage, I will invoice a small fee for any extra work, so please make sure you are happy first! Generally I will try to have your piece within 3-4 weeks from date of received payment. Should you need something sooner, I can work faster with a rush fee. Depending on your request and level of details, some pieces do take a little longer. Should something come up and I am no longer able to finish your piece, you will receive partial refund depending on what I was able to complete. Ultimately it is my choice to decide what I will or will not draw.
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So I can invoice you!
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