Long Division 2021 Artist Submission
Applications are now open to be involved in Long Division Festival 2021 and a range of other activities we will be presenting in 2021. The festival takes place in Wakefield on September 25th 2021, with a few fringe events on dates either side.

We are committed to supporting those artists we initially booked for the 2020 event, so places are limited. However, we will also begin running monthly events in 2021. Applying here will also keep you on our radar for those shows

Application tips:

- We use Google Docs because it's nice and easy for us to download and filter what we need (we're data nerds). That means if we ask a question like "What is your fee?" and you write something funny and tongue cheek like "whatever I can get ! lol" you won't be in the filters when we look for someone "£50 - £100". So just put a number.
- Likewise, if you have two versions of your show - one that is solo and one that involves six band members - apply twice. That way if we are looking for a solo artist, you'll still show up as you'll have applied and put "1" next to members. A long winded explanation will get lost.
- We're going to use this all year. If, in 6 months you have better links and stuff, apply again and we'll look at the most recent application.
- Just be honest, there are no trick questions in here.
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What is your home town or city? *
If you aren't from Wakefield, are you able to offer a gig or festival swap to a Wakefield artist in your town and city? If so, please give a general outline of what you could offer.
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